UEuro-Mernet Film Club aims to raise awareness on social issues and promote the cultural heritage of diverse communities by screening films from around the world, with particular focus on Mediterranean, Middle East, and the entire Europe.

The films we screen are usually social comedies, satirical pieces, documentaries and similar independent productions. Sometimes our film screenings are followed by a talk by a director/producer/actor/actress themselves and/or a discussion between the guests on the film.

We have several film screening venues across Brighton and Hove. On average we show 2 films per month. Joining Euro-Mernet Film Club and attending all our film screenings are FREE. You are always welcome to join us and enjoy watching a film with us.

More information about Euro-Mernet Film Club, please contact our team:

The recent film screening dates and the venues are as follows:


Wednesday, 20 November 2019; 7pm – 9pm

True Cost (2015); a documentary on the cost of global fashion industry on the environment and human rights; language: English; running time: 92 minutes. In collaboration with the Birghthelm Centre, Earth Church and No Hate Speech UK Network
Venue: Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YD


Wednesday, 30 October 2019; 7pm – 9pm

The First Grader (Kenya, 2010); drama; language: English; running time: 99 minutes. Our seventh and the last film screening in October, in celebration of the Black History Month 2019. In collaboration with Socially Engaged Arts Salon (SEAS), Diversity Lewes and No Hate Speech UK NetworkVenue: SEAS Studio, BMECP Centre, 10A Fleet Street, Brighton, BN1 4ZE


Tuesday, 29 October 2019; 7pm – 9pm

Coexister (France, 2017); interfaith comedy; language: French, subtitles: English; running time: 90 minutes)
Venue: The Speakers’ Corner, 44 George Street, Brighton, BN2 1RJ





Euro-Mernet Poetry Club aims to provide a platform of free expression and an ambiance of inspiration, desire and passion for poetry lovers. The themes we choose vary greatly, but usually with a focus on the Mediterranean, Middle East, and the entire Europe.

Although we will be reading out poems from our repertory on a variety of topics and from diverse local and global communities, our guests are also welcome to bring poems and read out on stage.

The recent poetry club performance dates are as follows:


Tuesday, 08 October 2019; 5.30pm – 6.30pm

Black Lines Matter

Venue: The Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE.

In celebration of the UK Black History Month and UK Libraries Week (7-13 October), Euro-Mernet Poetry Club will host an event, entitled “Black Lines Matter”, in the community space of the Jubilee Library. Local and visiting poets, including poets from local Black community, will read their poems for peace. Guests will also be invited to the stage to read poems from the club’s peace poems list.




Euro-Mernet Cultural Heritage Club and Euro-Mernet Community Media Club complement each other’s work. Whilst the former focuses on “unearthing” the examples of intangible cultural heritage and cultural traditions of the world since ancient times, the latter focuses on comparatively more contemporary times i.e. the last few centuries. Let’s elaborate more on both clubs:

Euro-Mernet Cultural Heritage Club aims to highlight and promote the wealth and beauty of the cultural heritage of diverse communities from across the UK and across the world. Some of the cultural heritage research findings are displayed as exhibitions at the Brighton Jubilee Library, usually on a bi-monthly basis. In addition to exhibitions, various styles and techniques are used during the cultural heritage related stage performances. Guests are welcome to interact and take part during such performances.

Euro-Mernet Community Media Club aims to provide a platform where the quite often undervalued, underreported and underrepresented fine examples of the local community media in the UK as well as across the world would find the opportunity to develop or increase the outreach of their work to wider communities. Community Media Club supports and hosts a variety of formats including written word, oral history, stage performance-based narratives, and exhibitions. The club also conducts research on examples of media work, literary traditions, and also on the history of restriction, denial and supression of freedom of press, freedom of expression, and freedom to publish. Some of the findings are displayed as exhibitions at the Brighton Jubilee Library, usually on a bi-monthly basis.

Euro-Mernet Cultural Heritage Club and Euro-Mernet Community Media Club also successfully piloted a creative writing course between autumun 2018 and spring 2019. As far as we know, this creative writing course, entitled “Scribe Tribe“, had become the first example of its kind by having focused solely on the materials and examples from world’s intangible cultural heritage, spanning from ancient Sumerian poetry to Polynesian folk tales.

The recent Cultural Heritage Club and Community Media Club event dates are as follows:


11 to 30 November 2019; from 10am daily

Verses of a feather…

Venue: The Jubilee Library, Jubilee Street, Brighton, BN1 1GE.

The theme for this month’s Cultural Heritage Club  exhibition is: poetry traditions in world’s indigenous languages.The exhibition is an homage to the world’s underrepresented indigenous poetry. As you may remember, the UN declared this year as the Year of Indigenous Languages.

Curator of the exhibition is our coordinator, Umit Ozturk. The shelf side exhibition on the upper floor of the library will display the examples of poetry from all continents, most of which in bilingual form i.e. the original poem in the respective indigenous language next to its English translation.

We made sure that the selected poems will demonstrate a diversity of languages, regions, territories, ages, genders and topics. Displayed works reflect the thoughts and sentiments of old and young poets, male and female and transgender indigenous poets, schooled and self-taught poets, and so on.

We believe in the power of poetry in enlightening hearts and minds. And, on this occasion, we also believe that these poems will help you enlighten others around you at present or in future  about the powerful poetic narratives of the world’s indigenous communities who have been portrayed as “illiterate primitive people” or “savages” for centuries through disinformation and misinformation campaigns.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

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Some of the past exhibitions and the workshops of the creative writing pilot project are as follows: